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"Planning Your Self-Published Book"
Stephanie Gunning
(A 65-minute downloadable audio program)

Want to publish a book on your own to give away or sell? Perhaps to attract clients and get speaking gigs as much as to bring in some cash? If that's your desire or inclination, you're probably wondering how best to prepare for your project. On this recording, you'll receive an overview of the self-publishing process to stimulate your imagination and orient you.

The Get a Book Deal® Coach, Stephanie Gunning, is a seasoned professional book editor and publishing consultant whose own books have been published by top publishers in the United States AND as self-published editions. She's an Amazon bestseller list "frequent flyer," with multiple bestsellers to her name and a keen eye for the logistics involved.

Some of the things she covers are:
  • Why self-publish?
  • Budgeting
  • Expectations
  • New delivery devices/distribution systems
  • Editorial
  • Design
  • Marketing/PR
  • What's in it for you!
On this call, Stephanie outlines the basic trajectory and points of decision you're likely to face when you self-publish, and suggests a timetable to follow, as well as briefly touching upon considerations like the kinds of resources and support system to put in place.
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Stephanie Gunning is a bestselling author, editor, and publishing consultant with over 25 years of experience in the book business. Her A-list clientele include bestselling authors, major publishing firms, top caliber literary agencies, and innovative self-publishers. She has mastered the art of transforming powerful ideas into highly marketable books.
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