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Are you currently in a book proposal contest with one of the leading spiritual/self-help publishing companies? Hay House, Red Wheel Weiser/Conari, New World Library? Do you want an edge over the competition? My expertise can assuredly give you one. I have coached and consulted with previous contest winners.

Did you make a commitment to finish your book proposal before the summer? Are you serious about accomplishing this important goal? My insights can push you over the speed bumps. My clients have been published by companies small, medium, and large.

I am on your side! There is no reason that you can't do this with the right focus and determination. No holds barred, take no prisoners, and get that sucker drafted!

The Book Proposal Intensive Course is right for you if ...

  • You are looking for CONCISE FEEDBACK on your key concept
  • You want SHORTCUTS to drafting solid proposal sections
  • You need greater CLARITY on the publishers mindset
  • You want PROVEN information that leads to RESULTS
  • You want ACCOUNTABILITY, a simple system to keep you on track
  • You're on a DEADLINE, and it's urgent that you get it done NOW
  • You're overwhelmed about what really matters — REDUCE PANIC
  • You've already decided to GO FOR IT!

My name is Stephanie Gunning. I am a former senior acquisitions editor at Bantam Doubleday Dell, and I've worked closely with top self-help and spiritual authors for 28 years, logging a full 69,000 hours of editing and writing. Bestselling authors like Gregg Braden, Hale Dwoskin, Arielle Ford, Allison Maslan, and Eli Davidson have been clients of mine. Important authors and workshop leaders seek me out for my advice.

Books I've edited, co-written, and ghosted have been published by Hay House, New World Library, Jossey-Bass, Perigee, J.P. Tarcher, Applause, New Page Press, Broadway Books, McGraw-Hill, and other major publishing companies. All were sold by solidly crafted book proposals. For non-fiction, you NEED to do a book proposal.

My satisfied clients and students have this to say about my coaching:

"Stephanie is the Creative Priestess of the inner process."

Shilpa Mehta, creator and star of Destination Goddess, TV and radio broadcaster for BBC, Channel 4, and Discovery Channel
"I cannot overstate the impact Stephanie Gunning has had on my writing my first book proposal. Like a ship lost in a stormy sea, I needed a beacon, and she appeared like a brightly beaming lighthouse to guide me safely and sanely to shore. With enthusiasm and indispensable instruction, she helped me in the formative stages to get unstuck, hone my focus, and believe in myself. I am indebted to Stephanie and in awe of the miracle of her divinely ordered presence on my professional path."

Faith Freed, author of the upcoming IS: A Street Smart Guide to Inspire Your Spiritual Side, Hay House writers workshop contest winner
"I found Stephanie Gunning online because I was asked to write a book proposal. I didn't go to college, but surely I was intelligent enough to ask for help. I handed her all of my crazy lunatic ideas and she worked with me to create what the head publicist at Hal Leonard called 'One of the best book proposals that has ever crossed my desk.'"

Sheri Sanders, author of Rock the Audition (Hal Leonard)
"Stephanie is a star. With her counsel, the book publishing process was completely demystified. I'd recommend her without hesitation to anyone considering writing a nonfiction book."

Marci Alboher, author of One Person/Multiple Careers (Business Plus)
"Stephanie's suggestions and work with me were paramount in creating the enthusiasm with which the editors of New World Publishing and several other publishers looked at my book proposal for Soul Currency. In fact, I got interest right away from eight publishers before we narrowed it down."

Ernest D. Chu, author of Soul Currency (New World Library)


Your proposal has to succeed for the book to succeed.

For 12 years working at HarperCollins and BDD, I sat on the other side of the desk, reading proposals submitted to me by authors and agents and making decisions on what to pursue and what to reject. From experience, I know what attracts a publishers' attention and leads to acceptance, and the opposite: I know what does not appeal.

Put your best foot forward by understanding WHY as well as WHAT publishers want. I like to break it down and make it a no-brainer for my clients. You've got a GREAT IDEA and you DESERVE to have publishers SALIVATING as they read your proposal.

For the last 15 years I've been a writer, editor, and publishing consultant to an A-list clientele that includes bestselling authors, major publishing firms, top caliber literary agencies, and innovative self-publishers. I have mastered the art of transforming powerful ideas into highly marketable books. My count of the books I've had published is somewhere around 24 (a few are still in the pipeline). In the last two years, I've put two of my own independently published books on the bestseller charts through online marketing, and contributed to the launch campaigns of dozens of other books.

"Stephanie Gunning expanded my brain! There are so many facets to book publishing and writing, and she illuminated some of the process' darkest corners, leading me with enthusiasm to become the author I dreamed of being. My book is a much different and better product because of Stephanie, and I had the most fun working with her on it and the book proposal. I can only give the highest recommendation for Stephanie: Hire her! Now!"

Kim Romaner, author of The Science of Making Things Happen (New World Library)
"Stephanie's insight and knowledge about the publishing industry is priceless."

Howard Falco, author of I AM: The Power of Discovering Who You Really Are (J. P. Tarcher)
"The designation of 'editor' hardly captures the vast scope of Stephanie Gunning's expertise, skill, and knowledge-base. More appropriately, Stephanie inhabits the role of the 'Wizard of Positioning' with her clients. As a wordsmith extraordinaire, editing is but one of the many tools in her 'bag of tricks' that move her clients from their initial book concept all the way to the publication phase. Stephanie is funny, affirming, brilliant, and brimming with ideas for her clients to implement. From the moment I met her, I knew with absolute certitude that I wanted to work with her. I signed up for her online Book Proposal Intensive and was blown away by the amount of wisdom that she imparted.

Stephanie is dedicated to distributing all that she has to offer: highest quality content, social marketing strategies, outlines, recorded individual coaching sessions, and personal examples from her esteemed career in the world of books. She is both up to date with the transformations that have occurred in book formatting, and well positioned in the place of possibilities to what is currently unfolding. For me, her greatest strengths have been her sense of humor and ability to tap into my creative flow. In Stephanie, you will find a master craftsperson able to move adroitly between her many talents assisting you, her client, to produce the book that you have envisioned for yourself and for the world."

Mary Garvey Horst, MA, LCSW, founder of Positive Pairing™
"Writers who are serious about their careers have been turning to Stephanie Gunning for years. She is an A-list editor and an acclaimed writer. Stephanie knows the publishing business, and she knows what it takes to succeed. Stephanie is a coach to many of today's most successful authors. She knows the right questions to ask. She knows when to challenge you, and she knows when you need a little encouragement. Stephanie is the best at what she does."

David J. Pollay, author of The Law of the Garbage Truck (Sterling)
"I have built several multimillion-dollar companies and employed scores of creative people. In 20 years, I have yet to meet someone as talented, professional, and collaborative as Stephanie Gunning. Since our first meeting, and throughout the entire process of writing, I knew that I had a winner on my team. With Stephanie's leadership, we delivered a flawless book proposal, commented upon by my agent and publishers as one of the most professional book proposals they had ever encountered."

Russell Brumfield, author of the Whiff (Quimby Press)

The Book Proposal Intensive will take place by phone and web (it's a "simulcast"). I'll be with you LIVE for an instructional session and an open Q&A session once every week after you've already attended that week's lesson and had time to implement it. In this Intensive course I intend to be enthusiastically sharing every tactic, strategy, and secret that I can dream of to share in our allotted time span. Nothing will be held in reserve.

Course Contents

You Get 5 Home Study Lessons:

Every lesson includes a one-hour recorded webinar, audio with a slide show (viewable online ), as well as "Take Action" handouts (PDF). The audio component is downloadable as a MP3.

  • Target Audience and Positioning Statement
  • Author Biography
  • Summary/Overview
  • Chapter Outline and Samples)
  • Integrated Promotion Plan

You also Get a Half Hour Private Coaching with Stephanie Gunning:

When you sign up, you'll be booked for a private, confidential laser strategy session to hone your key concept and marketing, so you can gain clarity on your unique hook.

You'll get PDF samples of actual, successful proposal formats, and more.

Price $697

Pay in 2 Installments
(2 Payments of $349 each, charged 30 days apart)
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Disclaimer: Signing up is not a guarantee that you will get a book deal, nor is it a promise that Stephanie Gunning will serve as your publisher, writer, or editor. This is an educational program for writers interested in completing a proposal quickly, who understand they have to put in hours of their own creative time for this to happen.

"Stephanie Gunning is quite simply a writing Goddess. She is a total professional who is also incredibly fun to work with. And I should also mention, she is intuitive, insightful, and brilliant. I owe much of the success of my Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Soul series to her editing skills."

Arielle Ford, author of the Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Soul Series (Plume)
"I have rarely worked with an editor who is so adept at content editing, copyediting, structure, and maintaining an author's voice — while managing to enhance the entire project. I've used Stephanie Gunning on book projects that were very difficult and complex, and she was able to decipher the authors' intent and create beautiful final manuscripts (which ended up being bestsellers, too!)."

Jill Kramer, Former Editorial Director, Hay House
"Stephanie was a dream to work with on The Sedona Method. She is bright, professional, and great at what she does. She made the whole project fun. I would highly recommend her for any writing or editing project."

Hale Dwoskin, author of the New York Times bestseller The Sedona Method, featured in The Secret movie and book
"I love the way Stephanie took me through the entire process of writing a book proposal. She was there for me every step of the way, understood what my vision was, and guided me to use my own voice. She was wonderful at knowing what I was trying to say. The energy, passion, and wisdom she brings to everything she does are very supportive. I highly recommend her services to anyone writing a proposal."

Tina Klonaris-Robinson, author of When the Heart Tells a Story
"Stephanie Gunning is an amazing coach, mentor, and inspiration. She has helped me to master the art of laser-focusing on an idea to create and live my dream. She has helped me to turn my pain into passion and purpose so that I may succeed in my powerful life's mission. I highly recommend her for writing, coaching, or editing any project. Thank you, Stephanie, for your commitment to excellence!"

Carolyn A. Brent, MBA, Grandpa's Dream LLC, author of Why Wait?


"Stephanie Gunning is a remarkable talent. She has the integrity to help you speak your Voice without imposing hers upon it. She is able to be in service to the Work and also to provide leadership when necessary. To my mind, she's the Phil Jackson of the writing world. She is the coach of the team — but lets you think you are. As Phil Jackson did with the Lakers, she'll help you be the champion you're capable of being."

Arthur Samuel Joseph, author of Vocal Power (Jodere Group)
"Dear Stephanie, I've got a great story for you. As you know I found an agent for my book proposal. When we first met she showered me with compliments equally divided between the book and the proposal. I, of course, credited you as the guiding force. In due course she presented the proposal to the publisher of Vendome Press who also raved about the proposal. When we had our first meeting about moving ahead with the book he started off by saying, and I quote, 'In 30 years of publishing, this is the most thorough, polished, professional proposal I have ever seen.'"

Glenn Palmer-Smith, author
"Stephanie Gunning is a brilliant and insightful editor and friend. Lighting bolts of clarity and expansive vision are hallmarks of her wonderful work. Hire Stephanie for the blessing of her laugh. Those jelly googles of laughter made each session a delight. Consider yourself very lucky to be working with her. I do."

Eli Davidson, speaker, coach, and author of Funky to Fabulous in 15 Minutes

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