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Are you currently writing a book you intend to self-publish? Have you recently released a print-on-demand book and/or an ebook and yet you feel unclear how best to connect with your intended readers? Do you feel overwhelmed by the prospect of marketing?

Trust me, you're not alone if you feel ANY confusion about how to do a successful book launch or design ongoing marketing efforts for your book. With the emergence of new technologies, it's easier than ever to produce a book. But the next steps are often less clear. Being in charge of your fate as an author frankly can be a double-edged sword.

A few years ago, I remember how surprised (and frustrated) I was when one of the authors I wrote a book for simply refused to send out any messages to his community letting them know his book was available for sale. His reluctance made no sense since he'd so clearly expressed his pride and satisfaction with the book. His unwillingness to invest any efforts in promotion lost him money—but, worse, time. We had put our hearts and souls into writing the book and then he sat back and let its potential evaporate.

Another author had a tremendous ability to get booked on television—but she refused to mention the book when she was on the air. Again, it was an author losing potential earnings. Was it shyness? Confusion? Lack of knowledge or support? Delusions about her popularity? Perhaps she thought, "If I write it, they will come"? It made me sad to see her waste what I perceived as an amazing and enviable opportunity.

By contrast, I've seen and worked with authors who pursued their dreams and didn't let anything stop them. They were persistent and public about expressing their messages in every forum they could find—and they didn't ever stop: They kept at it and engaged with people, using the book to leverage new opportunities, broaden their audiences, form partnerships, and, yes, boost their incomes. Their books changed their lives.


Learning to take advantage of the online social networks and PR opportunities in a strategic way requires coherent planning. My clients have been published by companies small, medium, and large. Rarely have their books been acquired unless they had a demonstrable plan in place ALREADY. A key ingredient in success is to start ASAP.

Other clients chose to self-publish and created whole new businesses for themselves around their books. Those who succeeded—both with and without the support of a publishing company—were deliberate about their marketing strategy. They took a good look at their strengths and weaknesses, understood the needs and interests of their audience, and were highly engaged in relationships with their readers. And you know what? They had fun while they were doing it. They viewed marketing as a game.

"I've changed my site so that my subscriber rate increased 25% in the first 24 hours after I acted upon her suggestions!

My first free teleconference served (unknowingly) as an audition that resulted in my first paid corporate speaking engagement.

I've overhauled my newsletter and have seen a much higher click-through rate.

I've doubled my LinkedIn connections.

If you want to promote yourself and any books you may write, take this advice: When Stephanie Gunning speaks, listen. And take notes."

Deborah Gilboa, M.D.,

"The Wizard of Positioning, Stephanie is funny, affirming, brilliant, and brimming with ideas for her clients to implement. She is dedicated to distributing all that she has to offer: highest quality content, social marketing strategies, outlines, recorded individual coaching sessions, and personal examples from her esteemed career in the world of books. She is both up to date with the transformations that have occurred in book formatting, and well positioned in the place of possibilities to what is currently unfolding."

Mary Garvey Horst, MA, LCSW, founder of Positive Pairing™

My deepest desire is for you to have the SUCCESS YOU DESERVE and to make the whole prospect of marketing your self-published book AS EASY AS POSSIBLE for you. The funny thing is that you can ENJOY your outreach to your readers—your author-reader relationship! Wasn't this what you fantasized about when you were writing?

My name is Stephanie Gunning. I am a former senior acquisitions editor at Bantam Doubleday Dell, and I've worked closely with top self-help and spiritual authors for 28 years, logging a full 69,000 hours of editing and writing. Bestselling authors like Gregg Braden, Hale Dwoskin, Arielle Ford, Allison Maslan, and Eli Davidson have been clients of mine. Important authors and workshop leaders seek me out for my advice.

Books I've personally edited, co-written, and ghosted have been published by Hay House, New World Library, Jossey-Bass, Perigee, J.P. Tarcher, Applause, New Page Press, Broadway Books, McGraw-Hill, and other major publishing companies. All were sold by solidly crafted book proposals that included serious, actionable marketing plans.

I've been in the publishing game since before people were commonly using computers. As the world has changed, I've changed with it—staying on top of current trends and analyzing what is and what is not working. Today the opportunities are as limitless as an author's imagination. And I've put those skills and insights into practice. Of the books I have self-published ALL have hit the top of bestseller lists on Amazon. It's not hard to sell books when you are persistent and reach out using the right tools and tactics.

The Book Marketing Training Course is right for you if...

  • You are looking for CONCISE FEEDBACK about your target audience
  • You want SHORTCUTS and a DOABLE PLAN for managing your social media
  • You want PROVEN information that leads to RESULTS
  • You're overwhelmed about what really matters — GAIN CLARITY
  • You're trying to figure out the RIGHT MIX of speaking, blogging, and tweeting
  • You want to know what website FEATURES are most attractive and engaging
  • You're WILLING and DETERMINED to do whatever it takes
  • You want to know what kind of SUPPORT you need and WHERE to find it
  • You've seriously ready to put yourself out "there" and GO FOR IT!


For 12 years working as an acquisitions editor at HarperCollins and BDD, my job was partly to ensure that the books to which I committed my company's resources and money succeeded. We couldn't afford to have any "lemons" on our list. Sometimes that meant "making lemonade." Other times that meant putting a massive launch strategy in place behind a bestselling author. Selling books and promoting authors was a team process that I've since adapted in my role as a consultant for independent authors.

Believe me, anything a New York Times bestselling author does you can do, too, in some measure. Once your eyes have been opened to what they're doing, that is!

For the last 16 years I've been a writer, editor, and publishing consultant to an A-list clientele that includes bestselling authors, major publishing firms, top caliber literary agencies, and innovative self-publishers. I have mastered the art of transforming powerful ideas into highly marketable books. My count of the books I've had published is somewhere around 24 (a few are still in the pipeline). In the last two years, I've put two of my own independently published books on the bestseller charts through online marketing, and contributed to the launch campaigns of dozens of other books.

"Stephanie was a dream to work with on The Sedona Method. She is bright, professional, and great at what she does. She made the whole project fun. I highly recommend her."

Hale Dwoskin, author of the New York Times bestseller The Sedona Method, featured in The Secret movie and book

"Writers who are serious about their careers have been turning to Stephanie Gunning for years. Stephanie knows the publishing business, and she knows what it takes to succeed. Stephanie is a coach to many of today's most successful authors. She knows the right questions to ask. She knows when to challenge you, and she knows when you need a little encouragement. Stephanie is the best at what she does."

David J. Pollay, author of The Law of the Garbage Truck (Sterling)

"Stephanie is the one-stop-shop, A-1 publishing consultant as writer, creative director, mentor, and promoter. To top it off, she really cares about her clients and their success. Stephanie was the brains and heart behind my book. I could not have done it without her."

Allison Maslan, bestselling author of Blast off: The Surefire Success Plan to Launch Your Dreams into Reality, creator of The Pinnacle Mastermind

In Book Marketing Training for Self-Published Authors I have enthusiastically shared every tactic, strategy, and secret that I know with you. Now these powerful lessons are ready for you to work through at your own pace and schedule—day or night—on your own computer screen, wherever you may be: in the comfort of your home, office, or favorite coffee shop.

Course Contents

You Get 5 Home Study Lessons:

Every lesson includes a one-hour recorded webinar, audio with a slide show (viewable online ), as well as "Take Action" handouts (PDF). The audio component is downloadable as a MP3.

Lesson 1: Target Audience Research/Timetable
Lesson 2: Author Website Optimization
Lesson 3: Social Media Optimization
Lesson 4: Publicity: Radio/TV/Blog Tours
Lesson 5: Speaking & Events

You also Get a Half Hour Private Coaching with Stephanie Gunning:

When you enroll in the home study program, you'll be contacted to book a private, confidential laser strategy session to hone your key concept and marketing plan, so you can gain clarity on your unique hook and brainstorm ideas for promotion. You will have one year from the purchase date to book your 30-minute consultation.

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Disclaimer: Signing up is not a guarantee of success, nor is it a promise that Stephanie Gunning will write or run your marketing campaign. This is an educational program for self-published book writers interested in learning tools and strategies, who understand they have to put in hours of their own creative time and effort for success to happen.

"Stephanie Gunning is a total professional who is also incredibly fun to work with. And I should also mention, she is intuitive, insightful, and brilliant."

Arielle Ford, author of the Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Soul Series (Plume)

"Stephanie is a star. With her counsel, the book publishing process was completely demystified."

Marci Alboher, author of One Person/Multiple Careers (Business Plus)

"Stephanie Gunning is an amazing coach, mentor, and inspiration. She has helped me to master the art of laser-focusing on an idea to create and live my dream. She has helped me to turn my pain into passion and purpose so that I may succeed in my powerful life's mission. I highly recommend her. Thank you, Stephanie, for your commitment to excellence!"

Carolyn A. Brent, MBA, bestselling author of Why Wait?
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