Stephanie Gunning

Got Bliss?

- Find out what it means to live your life
as a spirit wearing a body . . .

- Experience inner peace through
guided meditations
. . .

- Play with the idea of transforming
your life effortlessly . . .

Join clairvoyant reader/healer and spiritual teacher Kayhan Ghodsi and new thought author Stephanie Gunning for a nine-part series of unique meditations and conversations about how to close your eyes and wake up to your natural state of bliss and creativity.

“Nine Steps to Heaven—
A Nine-Week Meditation Course”

Heaven is living without fear. It is a place we can enter in our hearts through meditation and by cultivating our spiritual awareness of who we are on a daily basis. Heaven is our birthright.

“A wonderful experience! The things that I learned in the Nine Steps to Heaven meditation series and the tools that I walked away with were truly great gifts. My life is currently going through a rather tumultuous transformational period. I am so happy that I’ve acquired these tools to meet this challenge.”

Emile Lafond, PR consultant, New Jersey

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(Audio Track Lasts 48:30 Minutes)

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These Are the Nine Steps to Heaven:

  • Session 1: You Are a Creator
  • Session 2: You Are Perfect in the Present
  • Session 3: You Are not Your Body
  • Session 4: Your Vision Sees More than Your Eyes
  • Session 5: You Are One with All There Is
  • Session 6: You Have No Problems
  • Session 7: You Can Choose Joy
  • Session 8: You Can Experience Forgiveness
  • Session 9: You Are in Heaven, Because You Never Left It
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During each of the weekly sessions, new thought author and editor Stephanie Gunning facilitates a discussion with spiritual teacher Kayhan Ghodsi, on a specific spiritual theme. Then, we close our eyes while Kayhan guides us through a clairvoyant meditation process. Afterwards, a brief follow-up discussion takes place.

In addition to the full-length 60-minute recordings of the Nine Steps sessions, participants in the Course receive a complete set of the nine meditations. These meditations, each lasting approximately ten minutes, are to be used for five days in a row (Monday to Friday)—followed by two days of rest with no meditation—before moving on to the successive meditation. They are designed to build one upon the other and cultivate a joyful approach to life.

“Obstacles that often prevent people from meditating are the time it takes and that the methods are hard to practice. I am enchanted with Kayhan’s system of meditation. It is easy, practical, lovely, and you feel the results immediately. His nine-step system takes you to the heaven you have inside you. After each meditation, my soul was left full of love, joy, and peace. I could see many angels working with all the participants of the course to give us support, guidance, wisdom, gratitude, and forgiveness. ”

Edemir Rossi, author, healer, and spiritual teacher

“I find Kayhan Ghodsi to be a gifted teacher and healer. The principles and truths taught in the Nine Steps to Heaven lessons, combined with the meditations, definitely brought me to a place of empowerment and peace. I am grateful to both Stephanie Gunning and Kayhan for creating this course.”

Cynthia Chapman

This meditation series can be reused for the rest of your life. Each time you do it, you shift your energy to a different vibration. As your awareness of who you are changes, you may use the meditations to say hello to the new you and shift your awareness of yourself to a new level.

Participants will have unlimited email access to ask Kayhan questions about the meditations for the duration of the course.

“Since listening to Kayhan Ghodsi’s Nine Steps to Heaven meditation audio course, and actually doing the steps, I feel like a different person. I barely know how to explain it, but every day since I started the course has been an entirely new day for me—new in every way. I have neither been able to recognize myself, nor my behavior. I finally understand what it means to say that ‘every day is a new day.’ As a result of taking this course, now I know this is true.”

Simon Edery, film producer, Los Angeles

“I feel completely empowered now that I understand the true reasons behind my life experiences, and what they are meant to show me. Once I started these meditations, I knew at my core that everything I had learned throughout my life was coming together to complement this new understanding. Everything truly is happening for a reason.”

Andrew Carter, real estate broker, New York

Kayhan Ghodsi lives in Modesto, California. He has a private practice teaching meditation and conducting clairvoyant readings and healing sessions both over the phone and in person.



Stephanie Gunning lives in New York, New York. She has coauthored and edited numerous books on topics related to wellness, spirituality, new thought, and enlightened business practices.



“Five years ago, I lost my father and was missing him. I came to Kayhan in order to learn how I might be in touch with my father’s energy. As an experienced meditator, I found Kayhan’s approach to meditation valuable. Like learning how familiar ingredients and cooking techniques may be used to prepare a different style of cuisine, it was liberating to have a new way to look at my energy. In the Zendo, you concentrate on breath, posture, and thought stopping. With Kayhan’s guidance, my awareness was able to move all over the place and I had an allowance to do so that I'd never felt before. It was exciting.”

Gordi Yalda, feng shui consultant, New York

Yes, Kayhan and Stephanie, I’m ready to participate in Nine Steps to Heaven, thus remembering I am a spirit living a human life.”

  • First, I get NINE EXCLUSIVE RECORDINGS OF ONE-HOUR SESSIONS discussing each week’s theme and incorporating a special meditation on that theme.

  • Plus, I get a COMPLETE EDITED SET OF THE WEEKLY MEDITATIONS (downloadable Mp3 files), with a special introduction, for ease in applying the technique now and later.

  • I also get an ELECTRONIC COMPANION WORKBOOK (PDF) that accompanies the nine weekly sessions.

  • Finally, I receive UNLIMITED ACCESS by email to ask Kayhan questions about the meditations for the duration of the nine weeks after purchasing the course.

Please Note: The audios and companion workbooks are available as downloads only.

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“Picture a room, a room you know well—so well, in fact, that you could navigate your way through it in the dark. Think about the comfort that holds for you, the safety inherent in that level of familiarity. Because you can make your way from one unlit end of this room to the other without tripping or even stubbing your toe, you’ve become comfortable with this sightless navigation. It’s quicker, easier—so easy, in fact, that you no longer give this choice a second thought. You just do it.
  “Now turn on the light.
  “For me, navigating that dark room is analogous to how I was moving through life, even though I believed my choices were considered, conscious. Working with Kayhan Ghodsi and the Nine Steps to Heaven meditation course shed light onto the choices I’d been making. I understand that this light is mine—that it always has been—but it took Kayhan’s guidance and many weeks dedicated to his meditation classes to be able to redefine words like safety and ease, to become familiar again with the truths about myself I had allowed others to convince me were not so.
  “It’s infinitely better in the light.”

Sara, Pennsylvania